Challenger 300

Defined by its veteran status, the Challenger 300 was successfully engineered for long term service. Canadaair conceived the 300 model in direct response to consumer demands for improved coast-to-coast comfort, and it shows. The stylishly appointed, stand-up cabin—one of the quietest in business aviation—has serious girth and can accommodate up to nine passengers with multiple configuration options that can be tailored to each client’s personal needs. When it comes to performance, the Challenger 300 is something of an overachiever. The 300 boasts a much coveted short airfield take off capability (rare for a super midsize jet), it has an impressive 3,568 mile range and a cruising speed of 541 miles per hour.

Cruising Speed (mph)541 mph
Luggage Capacity106 cu.ft.
Interior Height6.1 ft
Interior Width7.2 ft
Interior Length28.6 ft
Passengersup to 9
Range (cmi)3,568 st.m.
Price$4,100 ~ $4,400
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