Empty Legs vs. First Class Tickets, Which is Right for You?

Empty leg flights are flights that are scheduled to operate without any passengers. This can happen when private jets need to get back to their home base after dropping off a passenger. It can also happen when a private jet needs to reposition to another location in order to be ready to take on more passengers who have chartered a flight.

Deep discounts are often offered for empty leg flights. If you can catch one of the better deals, you can get up to a seventy-five percent off the normal charter flight price. This means that in some cases, the price of an empty legs flight can be in the same ballpark as a first class ticket on a commercial airline.

With the information above in mind, you must no doubt be asking yourself whether or not there are advantages to taking empty legs flights on private jets versus flying first class on a commercial jet? Here is what you can reasonably expect.

Private jets are always more comfortable than the first class compartment of a commercial jet. They also feature elegant interiors, catering is at times included, and you’ll have much more space to spread out, walk around and enjoy the flight.

Charter jets also offer privacy for you, family and friends. Rather than dealing with a plane full of strangers, private jets are ideal for high profile celebrities who’d like to take a break from the spotlight.

Another advantage to flying on a private jet is that in most cases, you are able to travel with your pet. On commercial flights, even if you purchase a first class ticket, your pet will have to fly in the cargo area which can be quite stressful for them, and for you.

At the airport, going through security and customs is a breeze, forget about long lines and the nuisances that are usually associated with regular airport terminals. In some cases, you’ll even be able to drive right up to the door of the aircraft – depending on airport. If you get there early, the private lounge is usually far less hectic than what you would have to deal with in the main airport terminal.

To schedule an empty legs flight on a private jet, you will likely need to be more flexible with your schedule than you would flying first class on a commercial jet. However, if you can get the price down to the ballpark of a first class ticket,  the advantages are far greater, and the experience of privacy and luxury are unrivaled.