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David Zuckerman
Private Jet Charter Specialist

David, Your Private Jet Charter Specialist is ready to assist you with your private jet charter requirements. David, based in California in the San Francisco area, focusing on Hayward, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Oakland, Palo Alto, and Van Nuyes, but isn’t just the local west coast expert. He specializes in World Wide Transatlantic routes as well as some of the most common routes. Van Nuys to Teterboro as well as the LA to Vegas routes. Concentrating on one-ways and empty legs click on the tab below to see an extensive empty leg search for every option. If you do not see your specific route please feel free to contact me direct to discuss and review your itinerary.

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If you're looking for a Private Jet Charter Specialist in San Francisco who specializes in day trips, one-way, empty-legs and same day roundtrips contact David Zuckerman.

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David Zuckerman
Mobile: (917) 854-5387 (JETS)
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